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Dental bridges and crowns are used to correct a variety of conditions including missing teeth, weak and damaged teeth, and cosmetic concerns with uneven tooth shapes or sizes. Florencio Burquez DDS, provides crowns and bridges to his patients living in San Diego County at his practice in Chula Vista, California. Call Dr. Burquez today or use his easy online appointment tool to improve your oral health with a new bridge or crown.

Crowns & Bridges

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are porcelain, metal, or porcelain covered metal caps placed onto a tooth to restore its strength, size, shape, appearance, and function. A crown covers the head of the tooth that rests above the gum line.

Crowns provide both cosmetic and functional purposes as they not only support and protect damaged and weakened teeth but also correct or improve the appearance of a tooth.

Porcelain crowns offer a very natural appearance but are more susceptible to wear and damage than metal crowns. Metal crowns are more often used for teeth that don’t show when you smile.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental appliance that fills a gap from a lost tooth. It anchors to neighboring natural teeth with crowns. Dental bridges are permanent prosthetics that can only be removed or replaced by your dentist. There are a few varieties of dental bridges that may be suggested depending on where in your mouth you lost the tooth or teeth.

What dental conditions do crowns and bridges correct?

Bridges are used to replace lost teeth and protect your gums and surrounding teeth. Crowns have a wider variety of uses including:

  • Protecting weakened or damaged teeth
  • Restoring strength and function to a broken or damaged tooth
  • Covering and protecting a tooth that has had a large filling or root canal
  • Securing dental bridges
  • Improving the appearance of misshapen, chipped, or stained teeth
  • Providing the prosthetic part of a dental implant

What are the benefits of bridges and crowns?

The chief benefit of crowns and bridges is to restore full function and structural integrity to your teeth. They allow you to eat and speak normally while protecting and supporting your natural teeth. Dr. Burquez can create crowns and bridges that do all that and perfectly blend in with your natural teeth, too.

If you are missing a tooth or have concerns about the appearance of your teeth, make an appointment with Dr. Burquez to discuss your concerns and learn what treatments can resolve them. Dr. Burquez is always happy to answer your questions and help you to make the best decision to take care of your teeth and improve your dental health for life.